Natural Farm Honey - 500 gms

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MSD having  own Natural Bee - Farm  (Apiary) and producing  Pure Honey through Bee - Boxes. MSD also collecting Natural  Honey from Natural Sources. MSD in the market since 20 years now and hold a strong base in honey market,  because of purity and quality. Authentic honey is found in very few places, MSD is being one of them.

Honey is categorized through the different types of bees and each variety of honey is having its own and different  nutritional and medicinal values.

What is Natural Honey & Adulterated Honey ?

The bees collecting from the flowers is called "Nectar". After sucking the nectar the bees secrete some "Enzymes" from its stomach and mix with the nectar, It is called Pure Honey.

The term "adulterated honey" means any honey to which has been added honeydew, glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar, sugar syrup, invert sugar, or any other similar product or products.

Benefits Of Honey :

Honey is Enriched natural food, blood purifying agent and having naturally high and rich nutritional value, containing so many natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, extremely good for health, it is a quick source of natural energy. it helps in weight loss, clears  sore throat.  2 to 4 teaspoonful of honey daily taken is equivalent to a doctor being with us.