Cow Ghee - Premium - 500 ml

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This Cow ghee is made from pure cow's milk. It is produced after enormous churning of buttermilk and heating butter at the right temperature, in a traditional method for that aromatic and rich flavor.

Ghee Is Extremely Shelf Stable. Because there is no water in ghee, bacteria won't grow there, so you can skip refrigeration. If your ghee gets tainted with water or food, then refrigerate; it'll be fine for future use.

Difference Between Cow ghee, Buffalo Ghee & Dalda (vanaspathy ghee):

In India, vanaspati ghee or Dalda is usually made from palm oil. Its saturated fats and trans fat that cause the problems. Vanaspati ghee reduces the level of High-Density Lipids (HDL), which is also termed good cholesterol. It increases the overall cholesterol level, which significantly affects the functioning of the heart and might lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Cow ghee contains lots of minerals, calcium, vitamins and protein whereas buffalo ghee is rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Ghee made with cow's milk usually has a yellowish hue while that of buffalo's milk is white in colour.