Organic Herbal Tooth Powder - 50 gms

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Haritaki / Kadukkai

Haritaki is very good for treating dental problems like bleeding gum, other gum diseases, infections and teeth problems.

After brushing your teeth, you can massage your teeth and gums with haritaki powder. Leave it for a minute after massaging well. Rinse your mouth. You can do it regularly to strenghten your gums.


Contains  the active ingredient eugenol, which is a natural anesthetic. It helps numb and reduce pain to ease a toothache. Eugenol also has natural anti-inflammatory properties. It may reduce swelling and irritation in the affected area.

Natural camphor / pacha karpooram

Camphor helps in managing toothache and gum diseases due to its anti-inflammatory property. It helps reduce pain and inflammation in the tooth. It also prevents the growth of bacteria in gums and teeth Camphor helps to reduce toothache and also control bleeding from gums when applied on the affected area.


Cinnamon oils, extracts, and their compounds may help prevent cavities, treat gum disease, and fight fungal and bacterial infections. Thus, hygiene products containing cinnamon may have some uses for oral health and pain relief


 Triphala may benefit dental health in several ways. Triphala has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent plaque formation, a common cause of cavities and gingivitis (gum inflammation)

Rock Salt

Regularly gargling with pink Himalayan salt water can assist in removing bacteria from the teeth and gums, which helps in preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar. When you are sick, a salt water gargle breaks up thick mucus and can help remove irritants like allergens and fungi from the throat.

Long pepper

Pippali helps to reduce a toothache when Pippali powder is rubbed on the gums and teeth. According to Ayurveda, mouth acts as the seat of Kapha dosha and an imbalance in Kapha dosha might lead to several dental problems like a toothache. Pippali helps to manage a toothache due to its Kapha balancing nature.


Keeps teeth strong,shiny and healthy Strengthens and protects gum Minimizes tooth infection Fights tooth decay The herbal ingredients stimulate and reinforce gums, while resisting plaque formation.


According to a new study in the Journal of Natural Products, licorice root may help keep teeth healthy. The authors report that compounds found in the dried root of the licorice plant may help prevent and treat tooth decay and gum disease

 Mint Extracts

Peppermint for oral health Mint for teeth and gums

Its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help curb the growth of bacteria in the mouth, further preventing infections. It is an amazing treatment for post tooth-extraction.


In dental literature, myrrh has been found to be effective in treating several oral conditions such as gum swelling, aphthous sore mouth, and intramucosal wounds The antimicrobial activity of myrrh against pathogens of the oral cavity has also been demonstrated.