Instant Miilet Poori

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Somey’s Ready to Fry & eat, gluten free Pooris, tasty and just like homemade
Ideal for people with diabetes, celiac patients and for health-conscious people who are trying to manage their weight
Semi cooked and perfect for making soft and delicious Pooris within minutes
Combination of millets, rich in protein and antioxidants
Organic and 100% Vegetarian
Absolutely no Preservatives added
No refrigeration needed
Shelf life of 3 months
Manufactured in a fully automated ISO, GMP and FSSAI certified facility.


-Gluten free
-Ideal for weight loss and diabetes control


Bengal gram flour
Amartnath flour
Tapioca flour
Rice flour
Bajra (Pearl millet) flour
Corn flour
Sorghum flour
Ragi (Finger millet) flour
Rice bran oil
Xanthum gum
Glycerin (INS 422)
Roti Softner
RO and UV treated water

Storage Instruction:

Store in dry place, hygiene condition and keep away from sunlight. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 2 days.

Direction Of Use:

-Heat the oil in the vessel or a wok
-Immerse the poori into the hot oil until it turns golden yellow
-Occasionally press the poori in the oil until it puffs-up
*Best when served hot
* Once opened, consume immediately or refrigerate in a closed container/cover
* Do not keep poori in freezer
- After frying, Place the millet poori in hot case or air tight containers to retain the softness