Forest small Bees Honey - 500 gms

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MSD having  own Natural Bee - Farm  (Apiary) and producing  Pure Honey through Bee - Boxes. MSD also collecting Natural  Honey from Natural Sources. MSD in the market since 20 years now and hold a strong base in honey market,  because of purity and quality. Authentic honey is found in very few places, MSD is being one of them.

About Forest Small Bees :

Small bee honey is the sweet liquid produced by the small bees or the harmless stingless bees. The beehives made by these bees are quite different from those created by the big ones. Small bees called Meliponines nest in the hollow tree trunks, branches or in the rock cavities. Currently, around 500 species of small bees are identified. The beehives made by these bees are quite different from those created by the big ones.

While normal bees build vertical hanging wax combs, the hives of small bees is made with horizontal brood combs with one type of cell that opens upward. Small bee honey is highly nutritious as the small bees can collect nectar from the deepest space. Honey production of small bees is much less when compared to the ordinary bees. Small bees store honey in small pots which are made of wax and propolis or plant resin. Small bee honey has thinner consistency and can be easily spoilt. Unlike ordinary honey, small bee honey is not overtly sweet. It has a pleasant aroma and taste. It has more water content. Small bee honey is twice as nutritious as ordinary honey. It also has medicinal properties as the small bees collect nectar from small wild growing medicinal plants and trees.

What is Natural Honey & Adulterated Honey ?

The bees collecting from the flowers is called "Nectar". After sucking the nectar the bees secrete some "Enzymes" from its stomach and mix with the nectar, It is called Pure Honey.

The term "adulterated honey" means any honey to which has been added honeydew, glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar, sugar syrup, invert sugar, or any other similar product or products.