Cast Iron Dutch Oven / Biriyani Vessel - 5 L

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 This Dutch oven is a must have in every kitchen, as it is one of the basic cookware items to make a meal. Our Dutch ovens are wide and roomy, which is totally ideal when you want to cook a whole chicken. The high sides of the Dutch oven keep the greens in the pot, rather than all over your stovetop. It has 5 ltr’s capacity. This Dutch oven also comes pre seasoned with sunflower oil and one year warranty. So indulge in some delectable deep fry food tried out in our Dutch oven.

Dimension of Dutch Oven:

Vessel + Lid Weight - 6.1 Kgs

Height - 11.8 cm

Diameter - 26 cm

Handle Length - 3.2 cm

Capacity - 5 liter