BUM 2 BUM Baby Button Snap(SPACEBUM)Cloth Resuable Diapers With 2 Insert(Pack of 1) - 3 months to 3 years

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BUM 2 BUM cover diaper are designed for Indian baby for morning time usage and it's very economical.every 3hrs once change the insert part alone and snap it another new inserts and reuse the outer cover.In our BUM 2 BUM brand each diaper with 1 inserts provided. Every inserts are dry feel layer it can touch the baby bum directly baby wont feel the wetness and feel very comfortable.Structure:Diaper has a Pul layer laminated and it's 100 % breathable and water resistant and come with 1inserts.The inserts are lined up with stay dry feel 1 layer micro suede and 3 layer bamboo cotton that keeps baby skin dry even if baby urinates on inserts and remaining 3layer microfiber.Wash:Washing cloth diaper is very easy can do hand wash r machine washUse detergent surf excel easy wash/quick wash,rustic art, tide original...don't use liquid detergent containing conditioner,softner,fragnance,additive,enzymes,dont use detergent bar and brush.avoid using dettol and don't use baby powder,cream r lotions,powder before wearing diaper to baby.